Accessible to all
Our mission is to make learning accessible for everyone, no matter the circumstances.
You don’t need any previous qualifications to enroll on most of our courses.

Video, audio, reading
Most courses use the most modern teaching methods such as video, audio and various interactive documents. All are running easily from any computer, tablet, mobile phone.

Quizzes and certificates of completion
In most of the courses you will find quizzes to check your learning. Many courses give you access to certificates of completion that you can print directly or request to our secretary. This is an important recognition of the levels of study you reached.

Accessible anytime
All courses are accessible at any time, usually immediately after you register on the website.

Technical Support
If you have any problem to access the website or viewing the courses, our technical support is available by email to help you.

Student forums
You will have free access to our community of students on the private forums of Theurgia University. You will be able to discuss various issues related to the courses.

In some courses, a mentor will be assigned to follow your individual progress and answer your questions. It is a valuable help that is very appreciated by our students.

Registration is easy from the website. Payments are possible via Paypal, bank cards, cash with money transfer.
Each course has its own duration. This is indicated on the website in the presentation of the course.


To contact us, click below.
Remember that you can also use the public forum to post your questions.